Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blank Canvas

Rochester, for all its detractors, also maintains a remarkably passionate fan base.  This fanaticism is driven by several factors (all of which have been noted many times), including:

Beyond these factors, Rochester also offers one other key element that generates an immense amount of enthusiasm: a blank canvas.  For an undeniably creative community, the ability to be part of a revitalization story borders on exhilarating.  While citizens shape their communities all over the world, the process in Rochester is arguably one of the most alluring:
  1. Rochester is a paradoxical blend of unestablished and established.  In other words, while opportunities for rebuilding and reshaping are numerous, a strong and proven foundation exists.
  2. Rebuilding in Rochester is a not-so-subtle undertaking.  Our conversations do not revolve around a small corner at the margin of the city but rather the following somewhat conspicuous stretches:
  • The waterfront along a picturesque, northward-flowing river that bisects the heart of the entire metropolitan area
  • The waterfront abutting a Great Lake, across which lies by far the largest city of another country
  • The most important plot of land in downtown Rochester and perhaps the whole region

So let's get painting (okay, that was bad.)

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  1. I think people should start doing something about this before it goes out of hands. Something same occurred near my area and it got out of our hands before we knew it.