Sunday, April 24, 2016

More on Beverages

As stated many times previously, Rochesterians have an uncanny ability to underappreciate anything and everything that is in or near Rochester.  Restaurants, parks, universities, museums...nothing is safe from the devaluing of all that is local.

A perfect example is the Finger Lakes wine region.  Mention of this wine region among the particularly pessimistic evokes unfavorable comparisons to California.  The slightly less despondent might be willing to acknowledge the strength of local Rieslings, but always with the disclaimer that the red wines are undrinkable.

Fortunately, entities with slightly more expertise are not as harsh on our local wine region.  Last year, Wine Enthusiast revealed its 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations of 2015.  Included were two destinations in France, one in Italy, one in New Zealand, one in Spain, and one in California.  Also included were the Finger Lakes?! Isn't that between Rochester and Syracuse?!

In describing the region, the magazine states that "increasingly, red varieties like Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Syrah are stealing the spotlight." It appears that the cynics among us may have to look for new subject matter.


  1. That's exactly the irony. Nobody would ever point out that California whites are pretty much the worst whites of all the major wine-making regions. It's always "yeah but" when referring to the Finger Lakes instead of "yeah but" when talking about California.

    And I agree, the reds in our region have made amazing strides. They are definitely not "undrinkable".

  2. Me and my girlfriend went down to a couple wineries and last fall, in talking to some random couples we learned that one was from Albany, another was from PA, and the third came all the way from OH. The latter came visit the wineries and to go to Watkins Glen state park. I would say the Finger Lakes are certainly a great draw for the area, and the wine region seems to keep growing with cheese and beer starting to take hold down there as well. Add in destinations like Letchworth and Watkins Glen and you have a great weekend trip area.

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