Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Geva Theatre Center

Another big-city institution in the small town of Rochester is Geva Theatre Center (or is it Theater Centre?).  Geva, located in downtown Rochester, is considered a prominent regional theater.  To be honest, I have no idea what a regional theater means - according to Wikipedia, a regional theater in the United States most often refers to a professional theater outside of New York City.  In any event, it's safe to say that Geva is an anchor institution in Rochester's cultural landscape:

  • Geva is the most attended regional theater in New York State and has been one of the top 25 regional theaters in the country for ticket sales.
  • In keeping with Rochester's artistic bent, Geva has about 10,000 season ticket holders, more than any other outlet (including sports) in Rochester.
  • Kathy Bates, Robert Downey Jr., and Samuel L. Jackson have all performed at Geva (before they were famous).
  • Over 85 plays and musicals developed at Geva have been produced across America and internationally over the past 15 years.


  1. Love Rochester! All these amenities and cultural outlets with little to no hassle! Live life without sitting in traffic all day! Carpe Diem!

  2. Geva is only getting stronger after raising ~$10 million in their Front & Center campaign. They are using the money to make improvements at the theatre, improve housing for visiting artists, and to increase their endowment to ensure they remain a strong organization long into the future.

    I go every year to see A Christmas Carol and try to attend other shows throughout the year. Their productions are always top notch.