Monday, May 4, 2015

George Eastman House

Several metropolitan areas that are not considered vast population centers advertise themselves as having big-city culture with small-town charm.  Rochester is one such region that has been known to lay claim to this label.  But many would argue that these metro areas are in reality heavy on the "small town" and light on the "big city." Does Rochester actually offer big-city culture?

As just one of numerous examples, the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film can suit the tastes usually assigned to regions ten times the size of Rochester:

  • The George Eastman House is the world's oldest photography museum.
  • The institution was the first photography museum to be selected for inclusion in the Google Art Project.
  • The photography collection includes two of the major photographic documents of the American Civil War.
  • The third largest motion picture archive in the U.S. is located in the museum.  The archive equals that of the Museum of Modern Art (New York City) and is surpassed only by the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.) and the UCLA Film & Television Archive (Los Angeles).

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