Sunday, March 1, 2015


I am not naïve.  Rochester is not New York City or Washington D.C.  Nor does it match up well in what should be a fairer comparison to Portland, OR.  Downtown Rochester, though improving, continues to lack the curb appeal that has become critical over the past twenty years.  In many ways, Rochester has allowed its appearance to match its perception, creating a vicious cycle which has been difficult to break.  Fortunately, curb appeal and the eye test don’t tell the whole story.  In Rochester’s case, they actually mask a hidden reality of rugged intellect, interdisciplinary creativity, and remarkable resilience.  This reality is borne out in a wide variety of data and statistics which consistently elevate Rochester from Rust Belt also-ran to a legitimate national (and at times international) presence.  This blog will attempt to highlight such data in an attempt to overcome perception and reveal a hidden gem.

Certain disclaimers: 
1. I am a suburbanite (solely due to the presence of two gremlins, also known as children)
2. I am not a statistician
3. I have a full-time job, am somewhat clueless with technology, and have never done this before
    (so pardon the appearance)


  1. I look forward to learning more about Rochester since I will be spending many vacations there thanks to your involuntary move in 2010 (and to enhance the presence of gremlins in your house from 2 to 5!)

  2. Good stats about this hidden gem we call home. Beauty is more than skin deep. But on a side note you should be doing the dishes!