Sunday, May 15, 2016


Prior to moving to Rochester, I was asked many times, "Why would you move there?" After moving to Rochester, I was asked even more often, "Why would you move here?" This repeated questioning began to make me think that perhaps I needed to apologize for living here.  Further supporting this feeling was the occasional local article highlighting young professionals who chose to move (back) to Rochester, often with a standard list of apologies such as:

  • It's close to family.
  • It's good for the kids (i.e. not necessarily good for me.)
  • It's an economic decision.
With the hopes of further adopting the local culture, I have identified a new list of apologies for all of us who have lived elsewhere but have had the misfortune of settling in Rochester:
  1. I apologize for wanting access to some of the best public high schools in the country.
  2. I apologize for wanting to live in a highly educated metropolitan area.
  3. I apologize for wanting to live somewhere recognized for its wine, beer, and coffee (the cocktails are decent, too.)
  4. I apologize for wanting to live somewhere with food that is both good and affordable, somewhere with an obviously up-and-coming food scene.
  5. I apologize for wanting to live in an area known for its music-centricity, one that provides access to one of the best music schools in the country and one of the largest summer jazz festivals in North America.
  6. I apologize for wanting to live somewhere consistently recognized for its arts vibrancy.
  7. I apologize for living in a metro area that has between 1 and 1.3 million people.  Does everyone in Raleigh, NC; Richmond, VA; New Orleans, LA; Hartford, CT; Salt Lake City, UT; and Tucson, AZ have to apologize as well?
The other option is we can just stop apologizing.


  1. Love this!!! I don't always agree with you but you are very thoughtful and intelligent.