Thursday, July 16, 2015


Even the staunchest Rochester pessimists concede one positive about the region: the summers are phenomenal.  In addition to providing a ludicrous number of cultural festivals, music events, free movies, and outdoor activities, the summers are...comfortable.  With oppressive heat being kept to a minimum, Rochesterians can enjoy the season without losing IQ and gaining irritability.

Just how pleasant are the summers? Among the country's 51 largest metropolitan areas, here is the short list of the regions with a mean June-August temperature under 70 degrees:

  • San Francisco, CA (61)
  • Seattle, WA (65)
  • Portland, OR (67)
  • San Jose, CA (69)
  • San Diego, CA (69)
  • Buffalo, NY (69)
  • Rochester, NY (69)

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