Friday, December 30, 2016


The holiday season serves as a great (usually) opportunity to reconnect with family.  During this year's festivities, I had the realization that Rochester is in many ways just like a dear family member:

  • Great pride comes with discussing Rochester's assets and accomplishments (museums, breweries, schools, Finger Lakes, inner loop removal, etc.).
  • At times, Rochester can be remarkably irritating (repeated discussions about Kodak, the train station (shack), the Family Dollar store next to the empty garage type thing on Main Street, etc.).
  • After some time away from Rochester, a strong desire to reconnect develops.
  • Something about Rochester demands taking abundant photographs.
  • Making fun of Rochester is fair game, unless a non-Rochesterian is making the jokes.
  • After years of knowing Rochester, you got to admit that he/she is a really good kid.


  1. The personification given to Rochester seems so reasonable. A place that we grow to love is a family member for sure. I agree with all the points in relevance to Dresden as I've always loved the place, but these points makes me want to visit Rochester at least once.

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