Friday, January 8, 2016

The Ingredients

The New York Times recently revealed its 52 Places to Go in 2016.  As is the norm in this yearly feature, a diverse range of worldwide destinations is chosen, and several dark horses generally find their way to the list.  This year, two in particular warrant mention:

  • City A has a population of 193,792 and is located in a metro area with a population of 1,027,703.  It can see around 75 inches of snow per year, and over 200 days per year have at least 80% cloud cover.  The New York Times describes it as "a creative community" with "a confluence of urban revival and arts funding."  Highlights worth noting are a downtown market (that does look really nice) and a tasty barbecue joint.  Over 40 craft breweries line the city's ale trail.
  • City B has a population of 179,154 (down from a peak of 253,504) and is located in a metro area with a population of 1,609,367.  It boasts a solid winter, though not quite to the same level as city A.  It is described as having a "bearded liberalness and ever-rising food scene."  About an hour away is located a new culinary center that offers "competitive-style" cooking classes.
If you haven't guessed, City A is Grand Rapids, Michigan, and City B is Providence, Rhode Island. What is the point? Rochester has all the ingredients to be a legitimate destination.  All that is required is ongoing downtown development and perhaps an attitude rearrangement.

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