Monday, October 5, 2015

Red Wings

As a reasonably big sports fan, the absence of a major league sports team in Rochester was of some concern prior to moving here.  Upon arrival, it was clear that the lack of such a team was quite possibly an asset in that it allowed leisure money to flow to the thriving arts scene.  While similarly sized metro areas such as Buffalo and Salt Lake City have big time sports, Rochester has remained a major league arts town while sticking to the minor leagues in America's big four sports (not including the pre-1960 era.)  And in typical Rochester fashion, it does the minor leagues extremely well.  A great example is the Rochester Red Wings, currently the Triple A (baseball) affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.  Here are a few interesting facts:

  • Only six franchises in the history of North American professional sports have been playing in the same city and the same league uninterrupted since the 19th century: the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, and Rochester Red Wings.
  • Red Wings alumni include Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, and Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • Frontier Field, home of the Red Wings, was recently ranked as the third best minor league ballpark in the country.
  • Among over 200 communities, Rochester is considered a top 20 minor league market and at times has ranked as high as number two.

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  1. Rochester also has a wide variety of sports. It has major league women's soccer (Western New York Flash), major league indoor lacrosse (Rochester Knighthawks), major league outdoor lacrosse (Rochester Rattlers), and minor league hockey (Rochester Americans), minor league basketball (Rochester Razorsharks) and minor league men's soccer (Rochester Rhinos).

    We had men's and women's golf on a regular basis. The 2023 PGA Championship is an upcoming major event that will be hosted by the Oak Hill Country Club. And Rochester is the only city to have hosted the PGA Championship, the US Open, the Ryder Cup, the US Amateur, the U.S. Senior Open, and the LPGA Championship.

    We also host the Buffalo Bills training camp every year at St. John Fisher College.

    And the pricing on many of these is very reasonable. I can take my family of 4 to a Red Wings game and have dinner at the stadium for the same price I pay for 1 ticket to a Buffalo Bills game.