Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More on the Schools

Newsweek recently ranked America's Top 500 Public High Schools based on a College Readiness Index.  The local performance was, not surprisingly, very solid:

                      #49: Pittsford Sutherland High School
                      #73: Pittsford Mendon High School
                    #198: Brighton High School
                    #370: Fairport High School
                    #425: Penfield Senior High School

All 5 area schools received a star for meeting an Equity measure by helping low-income students score at or above average on state assessments.

The Rochester metro area represents about 0.34% of the American population but 1% of the Top 500 public high schools.  Therefore, the region offers 3 times the number of top public high schools than would be expected by population alone...all while providing housing that is 30% cheaper than national average!  How can such a feat be accomplished?

  1. Very high taxes
  2. Very smart people 

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